About Interstellar

An eclectic crew of dreamers.

We are a high school rowing coach, a professor of education, a designer, two software engineers, an algorithm writer, and a former collegiate athlete who have come together in the hope that a simple idea will breathe new life into the U.S. education system, and perhaps even change the world.

Almost any place on Earth.

Given access to a basic computing device and an internet connection, students can compete with students from their own class and school, or with students from other schools, cities, states, and even countries, without ever leaving their classroom or home. All educational institutions are welcome – we happily invite public and private schools to participate, as well as homeschooling associations, from across the United States and around the world. Our mantra simply holds:
Let no one be left out.

Live, online academic competition for every Grade and Course.
Pick a time, any time.

With our application, an educator can create live events of academic competition by dividing his/her class into opposing teams or by challenging another team in the Interstellar Network on a specific date. We call this brand of competition Pick-Up Play. Alternatively, an educator can enter his/her team into a cycle of regularly occurring contests organized by Interstellar. We call this League Play. Whichever the Play, Interstellar makes it easy for educators to unleash the power of cooperative competition.

Motivate students to learn.

It's not about winning; it's about improving. It's about the pride that comes with achieving a personal best time and time again, the strength to be found in seeing your opponent as your partner, not your foe. We want students to feel how exciting progress can be in any academic dimension, win or lose.

Transform peer culture.

In a competitive environment where everyone is included, students have an incentive to work together for the sake of their team's success – to lift each other up, not pull each other down. We hope students realize that caring for their community can be just as rewarding as the pursuit of their own personal development, even more so.

Build inner strength.

Our innovative approach to education reform, combining game mechanics with intellectual rigor, provides a unique opportunity for students to develop both poise in traditional test taking scenarios and confidence in their ability to compete successfully, good-naturedly, in any environment.

With you as our teammate.

Please join us as we endeavor to build an online community of students and educators that serves a noble, global purpose.